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Sexy schoolgirl Lucyanne in socks and high heels

I love sexy models in schoolgirl uniforms. It’s one of my weaknesses. If you’re like me you’re going to love this FREE GALLERY of Lucyanne from ONLY TEASE. This sexy blond is wearing a red uniform with a pleated plaid catholic schoolgirl skirt with high heels and knee socks. This naughty girl removes her uniform for the camera to show us her white cotton panties and those lovely, perky tits. Makes you want to go back to school, doesn’t it?


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Gemma Massey looking sexy in a schoolgirl uniform

Gemma Massey is the topic of today’s update here at the Only Tease Fan blog. Check out this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE that has Gemma posing in a schoolgirl uniform with a black sweater over her white blouse. She also has a gray pleated schoolgirl skirt on and knee high socks with lace up high heels. This schoolgirl gets naughty and lets you see her white panties and confirms that she is wearing no bra under that cute blouse of hers!


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Cute schoolgirl Lucyanne in opaque pantyhose

It’s been a while since I last posted… my apologies for the absence. Here’s a FREE GALLERY of Lucyanne for the update at Only Tease Fan. She’s posing in her sexy schoolgirl uniform with a short black pleated skirt and white blouse. Her legs are covered in dark opaque pantyhose. This cutie removes her clothing to show us her baby blue thong panties separating those tight ass cheeks of hers!


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Schoolgirl uniform pics of Elle Richie from Only Tease

I have another kickass schoolgirl uniform gallery from the folks over at ONLY TEASE to share with everyone today. This time around the featured model is none other than the cute and sexy Elle Richie. I love this sexy blonde and it makes me sad to think that she hasn’t been featured at the site since early 2014. But there is some confort in the fact that Elle has so many imagesets and videos available for viewing at Only Tease and some of their sister sites. But let’s get back to this particular gallery though.

Elle is looking cute and adorable as she poses in her short pleated schoolgirl skirt with high heels and knee socks. They don’t call it a miniskirt for nothing and as a result of it’s overall shortness, you get a pretty damn fine upskirt view of her ass and white cotton panties. Elle eventually gets completely nude for our viewing pleasure, removing her clothing and panties. Enjoy the free gallery and be sure to head over to Only Tease by clicking the link below and getting instant access to their massive archive of content.


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Only Tease schoolgirl gallery of Anastasia in uniform

Anastasia from ONLY TEASE looks pretty fucking hot in a schoolgirl outfit, doesn’t she? Here’s a free gallery featuring this leggy babe as she poses at the front of the class while wearing a very short pleated skirt with her white socks and high heels. Her bum isn’t covered and you’ll also get a pretty good view of her ass in white panties as well.

If you hadn’t gotten a good look at her underwear, she decides to hop up on the desk and show them off by lifting up her miniskirt. The clothes start disappearing, with the skirt being removed followed by her blouse and you’re left with an amazing view of Anastasia topless. This beautiful gal has appeared at Only Tease for years and as a result there is a massive archive of images and some amazing videos just waiting for you to discover at OT. Click the button below and get instant access today!


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Only Tease Tiffany White in pigtails and stockings

Welcome back to the OnlyTeaseFan blog, where we bring you free galleries of some of our favorite girls from ONLY TEASE. If you’ve arrived here, chances are you are already familiar with OT. If not, you are in for a real treat. This site has been around forever and has a massive archive of images and videos featuring sexy models in a variety of hot outfits and uniforms. One of my personal favorite themes is when they get their models dressed up as cute schoolgirls as Tiffany White is doing in these sample images.

Her plaid miniskirt, sheer stockings and high heels really set the mood for the gallery as does the sultry look she seems to be flashing at the camera the entire time. That look continues throughout the photoshoot, right down to the moment where she’s topless and peeling off her white cotton panties. If you’re a fan of sexy girls in schoolgirl uniforms (and why wouldn’t you be?), be sure to head on over to Only Tease and check out all the images and videos they have in this niche. You will be amazed! Enjoy the free gallery!


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Penny L posing as a cute schoolgirl in her uniform and knee socks

Sexy babe Penny L is the featured model for today’s update and it just so happens to be her debut here at the OnlyTeaseFan blog. She is certainly looking pretty damn hot and sexy for her first appearance if you ask me. This busty leg model slips into a schoolgirl uniform that includes a short pleated plaid miniskirt with converse sneakers and white knee socks. As with most of the girls you find at ONLY TEASE posing as naughty schoolgirls, their skirt barely covers up their ass so you get an amazing view of their legs throughout the photoshoot and also get to see up their skirts each time the bend over.

Penny L does one better than that, hopping up on the desk and spreading her legs with for the camera. Her red thong panties should get the old heart pumping a little faster! Watch as she removes her blouse to reveal the matching bra before posing topless and teasing us with a lovely set of tits. If you have a fetish for schoolgirls in their uniforms, be sure to head over to Only Tease and check out all the amazing images and videos they have of their models in these particular outfits. You’ll also see a lot of them wearing pantyhose and stockings, a bonus for a nylon fetish guy like myself! Enjoy!


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Cate Harrington in her schoolgirl uniform and opaque pantyhose

If you’ve been visiting the blog recently, you know that I absolutely love schoolgirl pantyhose pics and am always excited to share it with all the readers of the site. This gallery from ONLY OPAQUES just so happens to have one of my favorite models featured as well. The curvy Cate Harrington is looking rather naughty in her wraparound pleated schoolgirl skirt, high heels and pink opaque pantyhose. Love the shot of her kneeling on the bed with her miniskirt wrapped around her waist, allowing you to check out that ass in panties and pantyhose.

Cate slips right into that naughty school girl role, quickly removing her uniform so we can check out her in the topless pictures that follow. She even tugs off her panties, giving us a quick look between her legs when she spreads them for the camera. Oh, what at view! Hope you enjoy the gallery as much as I did and if you want to see more girls in school uniforms and pantyhose, stockings or tights, you can’t go wrong with Only Opaques. They seem to have several uniform posts each month and that’s what has been keeping me coming back for more for years now. Check it out for yourself!


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