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Abigail B Secretary Pantyhose

Thanks for stopping in to the blog once again today and I hope you’re ready for some killer pics of the lovely Abigail B from ONLY TEASE. We love this gal and these pictures definitely caught our attention when we saw it pop up in the update feed at the site. Abigail is playing the role of hot secretary in these free images with an outfit that includes a short miniskirt with high heels and sheer pantyhose.

The shot of her with her back to the camera and showing off that ass by lifting up her skirt is just plain awesome. Abigail removed her blouse and reveals a cute blue and white bra. That gets removed as well but this cutie has decided to tease us with a handbra pose. Want to see those tits completely bared? You’re just going to have to drop by Only Tease to see that. Enjoy!


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Hot secretary Clare R in her high heels and sheer black stockings

Clare R looks like the perfect secretary as she poses in her black skirt and blouse. She sits primly in her office chair, showing off her black opaque tights stocking and white heels. However, she soon looks less prim and proper as she lifts her skirt to let us see her sexy stocking tops. She lets us see a little glimpse of her bottom and then reveals all, including her black thong as she slips it down. She shows off those sexy legs and then takes of her blouse so we can admire her in her underwear. That black bra and panties, stocking and black heels look fabulous. Then she takes off her bra so that we can see her perfect breasts. There are more pictures of Clare R in her FREE GALLERY on the ONLY TEASE website so why not take a look at them and enjoy seeing all of the shots.


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Eufrat posing as a hot secretary in her miniskirt and gray stockings

Eufrat looks like she would make a very professional secretary. She really looks the part in her black skirt and shoes and red top, although it is a bit see through! Her legs look real hot as she is sitting in her office chair. She lifts up her skirt to reveal the tops of her black opaque stockings and looks so hot. She even bends over so we can see those beautiful long legs. Then she crouches down and wow – we can see her black knickers. Slipping off her skirt she poses for us more and then slips off that lacy red top so that we can see her curvy figure. She undoes her bra but we will just have to guess what she looks like underneath, but we know it will be not! Check out ONLY TEASE to see Eufrat’s FREE GALLERY of pictures as well as shots of many other models.


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Eve in her secretary uniform with heels and sheer stockings

Eve looks so hot in the office with her short black skirt and white blouse. She might look all prim and proper with her hair tied back, but after looking at her FREE GALLERY of pictures on the ONLY TEASE website, you may change your mind. She starts off by just flashing her stocking tops, almost making it look like an accident as she reaches in to a filing drawer. But once she lifts her skirt, we can see that it was no accident at all as we can see her sexy black panties and suspender belt. She relaxes back in her office chair, having removed her skirt and opens up her top so that we can see her bra. She just cannot resist giving us a proper look at her though as she takes off that bra to show us her curvy breasts having removed her glasses and untied her hair. Now she looks like she is ready for some fun!


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Sexy secretary Debra K in a miniskirt with sheer white stockings

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. We have an awesome FREE GALLERY of the lovely Debra K from ONLY TEASE to share with all of you fine folks today. This sexy leg model has posed quite a bit in secretary uniforms and she adds another office outfit to her already impressive body of work. This time around her office attire consists of a sleeveless blue blouse with a tiny white miniskirt, high heels and sheer white stockings on her amazing legs. After hopping up on the desk and spreading her legs to get our attention, Debra unbuttons her blouse and exposes her tiny tits encased in a light blue bra. This sexy blonde gets down to her bra and panties, showing off her slime frame before she gets topless for our viewing pleasure. Debra has had some pretty memorable updates at Only Tease including a whole whack where she’s posing as a hot schoolgirl. I highly recommend you drop by and check out her section today as well as the hundreds of other beautiful British babes that have appeared at the website over the years!


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Carole from Only Tease in her high heels and sheer white stockings

Carole from ONLY TEASE once again graces the pages of this blog in this FREE GALLERY from the site in which she is posing as a beautiful office girl in her secretary uniform. She looks every bit the office professional in her blouse, knee length skirt and high heels, don’t you think? We especially like the white stockings she is wearing in addition to the panties and suspenders that are revealed when Carole turns her back to the camera and lifts up her skirt. Cleavage shots follow before this sexy secretary strips down to her bra, panties and stockings while sitting on the couch. Finally, those big natural tits of hers are exposed when her bra is unclasped and tossed to the floor. Hope you enjoy the free gallery and be sure to check out Only Tease and Carole’s model page by clicking the link below.


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Only Tease secretary gallery of sexy blonde Hollie D in stockings

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! Today’s update features a beautiful blonde by the name of Hollie D in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE. This sexy leg model is showing off her amazing legs in stockings after stripping out of her secretary uniform to pose in her matching bra and panty set. Her long, fit legs look absolutely amazing encased in her nylons and her small breasts look pretty damn alluring in her tight fitting bra as well. Hollie reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra before posing topless but you won’t get to see those pert titties in this gallery as she covers them up with her arm. You can visit Only Tease though and check them out for yourself as well as hundreds of other beautiful models in secretary uniforms, high heels, stockings and pantyhose!


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Secretary in stocking gallery of busty babe Carole

Carole returns to the Only Tease Fan blog today in this free gallery from the website in which she poses at the office in her secretary uniform and stockings. This busty babe is one of the most popular girls here at the blog and see seems to catch your attention every time we share something featuring her. Carole is wearing a smart red business outfit that includes a matching blazer and skirt with red high heels and sheer black stockings.

You don’t get a very good look at her nylons right off the bat but like all the girls over at ONLY TEASE, this busty leg model is more than happy to oblige us by removing her clothing so we can get a better look at her curvy body. Her black bra and panties don’t last long and those big natural tits are soon on display for us. Thanks for dropping by the blog and if you’d like to see more of Carole and other hot models in stockings, head on over to Only Tease today!


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