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Holly W posing in her bra, panties and opaque black pantyhose

We’re back with an amazing FREE GALLERY of Holly W from ONLY TEASE for you to check out today. Holly makes her debut here at the Only Tease Fan blog and she’s doing it in style, wearing a sexy secretary outfit that includes a matching grey miniskirt and jacket with a nice purple blouse. Blue high heels and black opaque pantyhose finish off this sexy outfit. As you can see when you check the gallery out, Holly slowly strips revealing a matching bra and panty set underneath. Such a stunning blonde and you can be rest assured that we’ll be bringing you more of this babe in the near future! Enjoy the free pictures from the site and be sure to stop by for more killer pictures and videos of this hot leg model as well as a whole whack of other stunning gals!


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Only Tease Natalie Grant in black opaque pantyhose and strappy high heels

Sexy blonde babe Natalie Grant from ONLY TEASE graces us with her presence today in this free gallery from the website. She is wearing a pink strapless evening gown with black opaque pantyhose and a pair of sexy, strappy high heels. Not only do her legs look fantastic in her tights but also those feet! Natalie crosses her legs at the knee while sitting down and gives us a pretty hot view of both in the process. Lying down on the bed, this curvy blonde extends those legs in nylons high in the air, showing them off and allowing us to look up her dress before she starts stripping for the camera. Her lovely tits and that nice ass in thong panties will have you wishing you were with her to guide her to the bed for a little play time. Enjoy the free gallery folks and if you’re interested in seeing more of Natalie, head to Only Tease and check out all the updates featuring this beautiful blonde leg model.


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Only Tease gallery of Stacey P in her gym kit and tights

I’ve seen various galleries of Stacey P but truth be told, she never jumped out at me. Don’t get me wrong… she’s an attractive girl, has a very sexy curvy body and a set of tits I’m betting you’d all like to play with for hours on end. But none of her updates really caught my attention until I saw these particular pictures. In this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE Stacey is all ready for the gym wearing her workout outfit that includes a leotard with sneakers and sox over her grey pantyhose. The outfit is very tight so you get to see all her natural curves. Enjoy the gallery as well as Stacy’s striptease!


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Only Tease Daisy Watts in her miniskirt and pantyhose

What can I say about the beautiful Daisy Watts that hasn’t already been said a million times. This girl is just plain gorgeous and one of those ladies that I’m sure tons of you guys would love to have the pleasure of her company in real life. Check out this FREE GALLERY of this sexy leg babe from ONLY TEASE as she teases us with a tight black top and shiny gold miniskirt. To accompany her hot outfit, she’s slipped into a pair of high heels and is wearing black opaque pantyhose on her amazing legs. Enjoy the striptease folks!


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Adorable schoolgirl Emily J in her uniform and white pantyhose

We have another adorable girl posing for schoolgirl pantyhose pictures to share with all your folks today. This time around the images were scooped from one of OT’s sister sites, ONLY OPAQUES. This particular site specializes in the same kind of content as you’ll find at Only Tease except that all their models are wearing opaque pantyhose and stockings with their sexy outfits, uniforms and lingerie.

Emily J is posing on the stairs wearing her school outfit that consists of a very short plaid miniskirt with red heels and white opaque pantyhose. With her skirt being so small, you’re pretty much guaranteed some amazing upskirt shots and if you look closely enough, you’ll notice blue panties under her tights. Emily loves showing off her body to her fans, quickly removing her clothes and going topless for us. Hope you enjoyed the gallery and if you’d like to see more beautiful girls in their uniforms with pantyhose and stockings, check out the amazing archive over at Only Opaques today!


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Daisy Watts in a ballerina outfit and shiny white pantyhose

Daisy Watts is looking rather stunning in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE. This British leg model is looking very sexy as she poses in a ballerina outfit that consists of a pink leotard with white pantyhose on her amazing legs. Daisy has her hair pulled up in a bun and is flashing that amazing smile of hers at the camera as she slips the straps of her leotard off her shoulders, exposing her amazing tits to the camera in the process. Her nicely tanned and toned body looks even better when she continues her striptease but in order to see that, you’ll have to head over to Only Tease to check out the full update!


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Blonde secretary Sam K in her miniskirt, high heels and opaque pantyhose

There’s just something about a sexy secretary in a smart business outfit with pantyhose and high heels that gets our hearts pumping. So naturally this free gallery from ONLY OPAQUES was something that we thoroughly enjoyed preparing for all you folks today. This cute blonde’s name is Sam K and she is at the office wearing a sexy plaid outfit with high heels and gray opaque pantyhose. Those legs are so hot, being very fit and looking amazing in her hosiery.

Sam K could probably tease the hell out of us all day in her business attire but she has something else in mind. She slowly removes her clothing, teasing use first with some upskirt shots before sliding that miniskirt off her waist. Her ass and legs look even better now but the view gets so much better when this blonde leg model goes topless. What do you think? Would you hire her? We sure would. Enjoy the gallery and there’s tons more where that came from over at Only Opaques.


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Amber Leigh in her schoolgirl uniform and pantyhose

Since all you folks are such big fans of beautiful models in schoolgirl uniforms, we thought we would share a free gallery from ONLY OPAQUES that features just that. This model’s name is Amber Leigh and this blonde looks smoking hot in her short blue plaid skirt with matching opaque pantyhose and a pair of high heels. Those long, sexy legs of hers are on display when she hops up on the desk and stretches them out. If that’s the principal’s office, we’re sure he’d find himself in hot water because there would be no way he could keep his hands off those nylon-clad legs.

Amber gets on her hands and knees, allowing the skirt to raise around her waist and exposing that sexy ass of hers. Boy, she does look like she’s been quite naughty and could use a spanking or two, doesn’t she? Her uniform eventually ends up on the floor and believe us, those tits are also a thing of beauty. When we saw them exposed, all we could think about is what they would feel like in our hands as we groped and fondled this cutie. More schoolgirl uniform pictures and videos are waiting for you over at Only Opaques. Go and check them out today!


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