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Coral May posing as a cute schoolgirl in her uniform

Boy… do we every have a cutie to share with you today! Check out this free gallery of the lovely Coral May posing for us in a very hot schoolgirl uniform. This beautiful babe from Only Tease is wearing a very short and tight miniskirt with her white blouse and necktie. The high heels and ankle socks make this cute leg model look very sexy, don’t you think? Coral seems to be very eager to please and takes up a variety of poses to show off that killer teen body of hers.

If you’re into upskirt pics, check out the ones of Coral sitting down on the coach and spreading her legs, revealing the white cotton panties she is wearing. You’ll also get to see the incredible tits of this busty teen gal when she unbuttons her blouse and lets them fall out. Coral is one of the few models at Only Tease who’s not afraid to get completely naked. That final picture of her in her birthday suit, socks and high heels is worth the price of admission alone! Enjoy the free gallery and remember there’s tons more where that came from. Head on over to Only Tease for instant access to their incredible archive of images and videos!


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Adorable schoolgirl Anastasia in heels and black pantyhose

When we built this FREE GALLERY of Anastasia for you, we came to realize that we have a lot of “favourite” models that we feature regularly. Add this sexy leg model from ONLY TEASE to that list if you will because she’s another on we get very excited about when she shows up in the daily updates. To see why simply check out this gallery and the sexy schoolgirl outfit she’s wearing! That short miniskirt is so damn sexy, hugging her hips and ass while giving us full view of the black pantyhose and high heels she’s wearing. That shot where she’s bending over the desk immediately had us thinking about spanking this cutie for being so naughty in class! Anastasia removes her clothing seductively, doing a few handbra poses along the way before posing topless in her pantyhose and panties. Such a gorgeous gal, don’t you think? Want to see more hot models posing as sexy schoolgirls in pantyhose? Drop by Only Tease and get instant access to all their images and video updates!


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Only Tease Naomi looking cute in her knee high socks

Blonde schoolgirl cutie Naomi graces us with her presence in this FREE GALLERY from the fine folks over at ONLY TEASE. Her sexy school outfit consists of a blue button up blouse, a purple pleated wrap around skirt, high heels and gray knee high socks. She smiles shyly at the camera as she plays with her legs, drawing them to her chest to give us a look up her skirt before removing her shoes to signal the start of her striptease. Naomi removes her necktie and slowly unbuttons her blouse, revealing her lovely breasts and rock hard nipples to all her admiring fans. She exposes her curvy ass and white cotton panties when she lifts up her skirt and eventually removes it altogether, posing topless in her underwear. Such a sexy model, don’t you think? If you have a thing for busty blondes or for schoolgirls for that matter, be sure to head over to Only Tease and check out their amazing archive of images and videos. They also have a few new sets and/or videos released on a daily basis so you have something to distract (and arouse) you each and every day! Enjoy!


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Only Tease Zoe Alexandra in a schoolgirl uniform and sheer black stockings

Schoolgirl uniforms and stockings… oh my! The curvy Zoe Alexandra is featured in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE and she is definitely looking quite hot in this sexy little outfit. Posing in the dorm room, Zoe is looking rather “geeky” in her black rimmed glasses, a black blouse and a short plaid catholic schoolgirl skirt that shows off her shapely legs. Encased in sheer black stockings, you eyes are immediately drawn to them especially when she sits on the bed and draws them up under her. That short skirt slips up her legs showing off the lace top of her stockings and the garter she’s wearing. This sexy leg model strips, showing off her ass in black panties and eventually posing topless for our viewing pleasure. Quite the hottie, don’t you think? Enjoy this free sample gallery and be sure to head over to Only Tease and check out all their amazing stocking videos and images!


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Busty schoolgirl Leah F in uniform, heels and knee socks

Schoolgirl pics from OT are one of our favorite subjects and we’re sure that you will enjoy these photos of Leah F and you will pleased to know that you can see her whole FREE GALLERY on the ONLY TEASE website. She looks so hot in her school uniform with her grey socks and short pleated grey skirt. We can see that she has big breasts under that blue blouse that is unbuttoned to tease us. She poses on the bed and we can see her lovely thighs and the length of those black heels. She lies back to show us her white knickers and we can see her curvy ass, Then she sits up to work and a breast has popped out from her blouse! She opens it wider and we can see her two beautiful rounded bosoms and then takes off her blouse completely. She kneels on the bed and we can see her bottom provocatively poking out from under the skirt. Soon she takes off the skirt though and poses in just her knickers and tie.


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Sexy blonde Only Tease Summer in her schoolgirl uniform and knee high socks

Ready for some great shots of leg babe Summer in her school uniform taken from ONLY TEASE. She looks so hot in her white blouse, tie, tartan dress, socks and red shoes. We love the way the peep hole toes show her white socks through the red leather of the shoes. The short skirt also shows off how long her beautiful thighs are. However, it turns out that Summer is a naughty girl as she turns around and lifts her skirt to show us her white knickers. But that is not all, she takes off her dress, then her blouse and finally her bra and we can get a good look at her beautiful breasts. We think that she deserves a detention for all of this bad behaviour – what about you? You can check out Summers FREE GALLERY on the Only Tease website as well as pictures of many other hot young girls.


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Schoolgirl cutie Jasmin in uniform and white knee high socks

Jasmin looks like such a hottie in her school uniform that we are not sure that we want her to take it off. Her smart blazer and tartan skirt match so well with her knee length white socks and black shoes. She smiles innocently at us as she poses beautifully. Soon she teases us, kneeling on the bed so that we can see her white panties. Then she takes off her shoes and relaxes, letting us see right up her skirt, showing us her beautiful thighs and flash of white knickers. She then gets much naughtier in this ONLY TEASE photo set as she lifts her skirt. She then undoes it and slips it off, posing in her blouse and knickers. She has such a saucy smile as she poses in just her bra and socks, showing us a peep at her beautiful and neat little pussy. Then she removes her bra to show her erect nipples and rounded breasts. Wow this FREE GALLERY is certainly worth a good look!


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Louisa Marie in a short black miniskirt with platform heels and knee high socks

Hot ONLY TEASE model, Lousia Marie looks so hot in this FREE GALLERY of pictures that we are sure you will enjoy them. She looks great in her school uniform especially those knee high white socks. Her short black skirt shows off her perfect thighs and she is really enjoying showing off her fantastic body.

She soon lifts her skirt to show us her perfect bottom and then keeps on giving us peeps of it – what a tease! She bends over and lifts her skirt for us and as she is wearing such a tint thing it looks like she isn’t wearing panties at all. She takes off her blouse to show that she has a large pair of breasts to go with that great ass and then takes off her skirt, bending so that we can see how beautiful she looks just in her underwear. We are not sure whether we have ever seen such a perfect butt before…what do you think?


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