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Only Tease Porchia W in jean shorts and knee socks

For today’s post at the blog we have another debut for all our fans. This FREE GALLERY features a beautiful blonde from ONLY TEASE by the name of Porchia W and boy, doesn’t she look adorable? Her cute little outfit includes a tight black top and sneakers with her jean shorts and knee socks. The first thing I’m sure you’ll notice is her cleavage and start wondering what she’d look like naked. Not to worry because soon enough you’ll be able to see for your self. The top and shorts are tossed aside so Porchia can pose in her bra and panties. Topless photos follow as this cutie removes her bra as well. We love this gal’s look and you can expect to see more of her in the near future!


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Beautiful blonde babe Kimberly posing as a cute ballerina in pantyhose

We have another brand new girl to the blog to share with you today. Kimberly has been modeling at Only Tease for a while but this is the first opportunity we’ve had to share some great pictures of her for you. In this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE Kimberly is taking on the role of cute ballerina posing in a tight pink leotard that clings to her incredible body. She’s also wearing a pair of pink pantyhose on those shapely legs. Check out those amazing tits of hers when she pulls down the front of her uniform to expose her breasts to the camera.


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Danni B in a minidress and shiny pantyhose

We’ve always been fans of shiny pantyhose here at Only Tease Fan. In fact, this site was originally created to help share pantyhose content from the fine folks over at ONLY TEASE and eventually expanded into being a spot where we could share some of our favorite girls from the site. In any case, we have a FREE GALLERY of Danni B that gets back to this sites roots and we hope you enjoy it. This leggy babe is posing for us in a tight white minidress with matching platform high heels and shiny pantyhose on those incredibly sexy legs of hers. Danni does a great job of driving us nuts with those nylons, posing in various positions and even crossing her legs for maximum affect. Before you know it Danni is sliding off that dress to give us a better view, including the white lace panties she’s wearing underneath. By far our favorite image is when this hot blonde is pulling down her shiny pantyhose over her ass cheeks. What a view! Hope you enjoyed this gallery as much as we did and you can always find more of the same in the member’s area of Only Tease!


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