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Curvy babe Kat Dee in a miniskirt, heels and stockings

If you’re a fan of your girls a little on the curvy side, you’re going to love Kat Dee from Only Tease. This gal has curves in all the right places as you can see for yourself in this free gallery from the website. She is posing in a very tight miniskirt that shows off her ass very well with the added bonus being the fact that it is very short and gives us an amazing view of her legs encased in sheer black stockings. Her black high heels compliment the outfit quite nicely.

You’re in for a surprise when Kat finally removes her skirt, showing off her amazing frame in a skin tight leotard. Only Tease does a great job of featuring their models in this very alluring item of clothing. Her striptease continues until she’s in nothing but her silk panties and sheer nylons. The last image of the gallery with her panties around her legs while sitting on the couch should drive you a little insane… lol. Enjoy the free pics of Kat Dee and be sure to head over to Only Tease to see more of her amazing updates!


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Tammy Taylor in a minidress, high heels and stockings

Welcome back to Only Tease Fan, the premiere spot to get free galleries of all your favorite leg babes from arguably one of the best sites on the Internet. Today’s update features the gorgeous Tammy Taylor from the site and she is showing off not only her killer legs but her natural curves as well. Check her out in this skin tight minidress with high heels and sheer stockings.

We go through the usual poses with Tammy before she sits on the bed and crosses her legs at the knees, allowing her dress to hike up slightly in the process. This reveals her garter and the top of her tan stockings. Emboldened by this little flash of leg, she continues to tease first exposing her ass before pulling off her dress altogether and posing topless in her high heels, panties and nylons. Like what you see? Head on over to Only Tease to see more pics and videos of this stunning model and hundreds of her girlfriends!


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Naughty secretary Carole at the office in her heels and black stockings

Carole from Only Tease is the topic of today’s post and boy, does she ever look hot in the process? This busty babe is at the office wearing a red secretary outfit that includes a rather conservative skirt with a matching blazer and white blouse. Her legs are covered in sheer black nylons and red high heels finish off her business attire for the day. While the outfit is somewhat conservative, what happens during the course of the photoshoot definitely is not and would get whoever witnessed it rather hot and bothered.

Carole does a slow and sexy strip tease for the camera, starting with a little leg tease. Lifting up her skirt, she reveals those amazing legs of hers in sheer black stockings. Her ass and panties are the next thing exposed with Carole eventually in her lingerie, a matching bra and panty set. But the best part of the gallery is when she removes her bra and presents those incredibly sexy tits of hers to the camera. A real thing of beauty!


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Amy Knights in tight black pants, heels and sheer stockings

Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing quite a few updates that featured models from ONLY TEASE posing for hose under trouser pics. This FREE GALLERY of Amy Knights isn’t exactly in the “hut” category but its pretty darn close as she’s wearing sheer black stockings under her tight black pants instead of pantyhose but it really does give you the same affect. The black high heels she’s wearing are also very sexy and match the outfit perfectly. Victoria seductively removes her top to show off her big tits in a tight fitting bra, creating an amazing view of her cleavage in the process. The tight pants are also peeled off her hips and curvy ass, revealing a pair of lace panties. The topless pictures of this leg model in nothing but her stockings, garter and panties are very hot and we imagine you’d love being the lucky guy who gets to fondle those tits on a regular basis. Enjoy the free images and be sure to check out all of Victoria A’s amazing updates by visiting Only Tease today!


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Only Tease Victoria A in thong panties and black stockings

Victoria A is channeling her inner Audrey Hepburn in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE. This hot blonde would look right at home in the classic Breakfast At Tiffany’s, although the dress might be a bit short for this classic film. Not that we’re complaining though! Victoria looks stellar in her purple dress, which is so short that you get a look up her skirt at the black stockings she’s wearing. The polka dot platform high heels are a nice touch as well. This blonde leg model lies on the bed and lets her dress ride up her ass, allowing you a great view of her ass cheeks and the tiny purple panties she has pulled up between them. She also proudly displays her perky little tits when she removes her dress altogether to pose topless for our viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoyed the free gallery here at OnlyTeaseFan and if Victoria A has you a little aroused, be sure to head over to Only Tease today and check out all the incredible images and videos available in their member’s area!


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Summer in tight pants and sheer black stockings

Thanks for stopping into the OnlyTeaseFan blog today and we hope you’ve been enjoying all the new content we’ve been sharing with you. Today’s update features a sexy blonde by the name of Summer and she is looking very hot in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE. Summer is showing off her killer legs and curvy ass in a pair of tights that clings to her body perfectly. A pair of knee high boots and a cute pink blouse finish off this outfit for her photoshoot in the bedroom. This cutie peels off her boots to show off her cute feet in black stockings for all us foot fetishists out there. As she strips for the camera, you’ll get to check her killer body in her lingerie which consists of a garter and stockings with a matching bra and panty set. Love those sheer panties! Enjoy the free gallery and if you’re looking for more images and videos of Summer, be sure to check out Only Tease. You’ll get access to all her updates as well as hundreds of other sexy leg models.


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Adele in a catsuit, pantyhose and thong panties

Adele from ONLY TEASE is looking fantasic in this FREE GALLERY from the site in which she’s posing in a very hot catsuit and a pair of black platform high heels. The outfit looks absolutely amazing on her and the hint of nylons on her feet is very alluring. This raven haired beauty starts peeling off this skintight outfit to show off her lovely breasts to the camera as well as revealing the sheer black pantyhose she is wearing underneath. Her final piece of clothing to be exposed is black lace thong panties, which are pulled perfectly between her curvy ass cheeks. What a view, don’t you think? If you’re a fan of sexy models in various uniforms and pantyhose, you should take some time to visit Only Tease and check out all the amazing images and videos they have. Their archive is massive and they release new content every single day. You can’t beat that! Enjoy the free images folks!


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Blonde cutie Rachelle in tight pants and black stockings

ONLY TEASE has a sexy new blonde model by the name of Rachelle posing for them on a regular basis and we are already a big fan of this cutie. Check out this FREE GALLERY of this slim leg model as she poses in the living room wearing a tight pair of shiny black pants with a pair of platform high heels and a flowery blouse. Rachelle slips off her heels so reveal her sexy feet in sheer black nylons and as she peels off her tight pants, you’ll get to check out those hot legs in the black stockings she’s selected for this hot outfit. The thong panties and matching bra she’s wearing isn’t too shabby either. We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to a beautiful young lady and appreciate her beauty (and killer body) as much as we do. You can find more images and videos of Rachelle and tons of other sexy models by visiting Only Tease and getting instant access to their huge archive.


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