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Blonde stewardess Stacey M in uniform and coloured pantyhose

We’re not usually fans of the stewardess updates available at ONLY TEASE but when it comes to the beautiful Stacey M, we’ll share pretty much anything she’s featured in because she is so damn hot! Check out this FREE GALLERY from the site in which this cute blonde is showing off her amazing legs in a rather revealing flight attendant uniform with high heels and aqua marine blue opaque pantyhose. Wouldn’t you love checking those out as she walked up and down the aisles of a cramped airline? Stacey lifts her skirt and reveals the lace panties she is wearing underneath before removing her clothing and posing in her coloured pantyhose, bra and panties. Stacey further teases us with her legs before reaching behind her back and unclasping her bra, unleashing those amazing tits in the process. Fantasy uniforms such as this one are a staple in the member’s area of Only Tease. You can see hundreds of models posing as naughty secretaries, cute schoolgirls, Hooter waitresses and horny nurses. Check it out for yourself by visiting the site and getting instant access to their amazing archive of pantyhose pictures and videos!


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Danni B in a minidress and shiny pantyhose

We’ve always been fans of shiny pantyhose here at Only Tease Fan. In fact, this site was originally created to help share pantyhose content from the fine folks over at ONLY TEASE and eventually expanded into being a spot where we could share some of our favorite girls from the site. In any case, we have a FREE GALLERY of Danni B that gets back to this sites roots and we hope you enjoy it. This leggy babe is posing for us in a tight white minidress with matching platform high heels and shiny pantyhose on those incredibly sexy legs of hers. Danni does a great job of driving us nuts with those nylons, posing in various positions and even crossing her legs for maximum affect. Before you know it Danni is sliding off that dress to give us a better view, including the white lace panties she’s wearing underneath. By far our favorite image is when this hot blonde is pulling down her shiny pantyhose over her ass cheeks. What a view! Hope you enjoyed this gallery as much as we did and you can always find more of the same in the member’s area of Only Tease!


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Daniella poses for hose under trouser pictures

We have another amazing hose under trouser gallery to share with you today here at Only Tease Fan. This time around our themed FREE GALLERY features leg cutie Daniella from ONLY TEASE posing in a red top and tight black pants over her sheer pantyhose. Her black high heels hide her nylon-clad feet but you do see the material around the top of her foot and ankles, teasing us to death! Daniella turns her back to the camera and tugs at the waistband of her pants, eventually giving us a glimpse of her firm bottom and tiny panties pulled up between her ass cheeks. This adorable babe also pulls down the front of her top to show us her cleavage encased in a matching red bra before removing both and posing topless, her amazing tits on display for all to see. We love the last picture where she is posing in nothing her nylons and panties, her feet looking very sexy in those pantyhose. Fans of pantyhose and stockings under trousers will love the content over at Only Tease. It is simply one of the best sites around to get your fill of this rather unique fetish. Enjoy!


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Adorable schoolgirl Anastasia in heels and black pantyhose

When we built this FREE GALLERY of Anastasia for you, we came to realize that we have a lot of “favourite” models that we feature regularly. Add this sexy leg model from ONLY TEASE to that list if you will because she’s another on we get very excited about when she shows up in the daily updates. To see why simply check out this gallery and the sexy schoolgirl outfit she’s wearing! That short miniskirt is so damn sexy, hugging her hips and ass while giving us full view of the black pantyhose and high heels she’s wearing. That shot where she’s bending over the desk immediately had us thinking about spanking this cutie for being so naughty in class! Anastasia removes her clothing seductively, doing a few handbra poses along the way before posing topless in her pantyhose and panties. Such a gorgeous gal, don’t you think? Want to see more hot models posing as sexy schoolgirls in pantyhose? Drop by Only Tease and get instant access to all their images and video updates!


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Amy Green in a nurse uniform and seamed pantyhose

We’ve got another amazing FREE GALLERY of sexy blonde Amy Green to share with you. We realize that we shared a recent post of this sexy blonde from ONLY TEASE with you a few days ago but we just couldn’t resist posting some recent images of her in this hot nurse outfit with white seamed pantyhose. As you can well imagine, once seeing Amy in this nurse uniform we were instantly wishing that our local hospital made this outfit mandatory for our female medical staff. Her legs look amazing in those sheer pantyhose and we’re loving the high heels. As Amy strips out of nurse uniform, you can check out the cute bra and panties that she’s wearing, which we also found very appealing. Looking for hot babes like Amy Green in fantasy outfits including stewardesses, schoolgirls, Hooter waitresses and cheerleaders? Be sure to visit Only Tease as they have some of the hottest fantasy uniform videos and images we’ve ever come across!


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The sexy Louisa Marie in a minidress and pantyhose

Holy hotness Batman! That was our original thought as we pieced together this FREE GALLERY of Louisa Marie from ONLY TEASE. This leggy model is posing in a skin tight patterned minidress that clings to those incredible curves of hers and makes us think of a whole laundry list of naughty things we’d like to do to her. Add the opaque pantyhose and high heels and that just expands that list. Louisa looks absolutely amazing as she sits in the chair and crosses her nylon-clad legs, flashing a “come hither” smile that is so damn enticing! She also has perfected the over the shoulder look that teases even further, especially when she slips her dress off her should to expose her white bra or pulls up the hem to tease us with her panties. Her matching bra and panty set really shows off her curves as well, don’t you think? We hope you enjoy this killer gallery of Louisa Marie and as always we encourage you to head over to Only Tease and see the full version of this update. You won’t regret it!


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Hose under trouser pics of the sexy Amy Green

The lovely Amy Green is our featured babe her at OTF today. This sexy blonde is featured in this FREE GALLERY and posing in the bedroom wearing a pink strapless top and a pair of black tights over her pink pantyhose. Her black high heels help co-ordinate the outfit. We’re huge fans of the hose under trouser thing and we haven’t found a site that does it better than ONLY TEASE. Here’s a prime example of it. Amy teases us perfectly as she sits on the bed and gives us a view of those nylons and eventually her pantyhose-clad feet when she slips them out of her high heels. This naughty blonde cutie slowly slides down her tights to further tease us with that amazing ass of hers in panties and pantyhose. You’ll also get to check out those amazing tits of hers when she pulls down her blouse for the camera to catch some amazing pics. Wouldn’t you just love to caress her ample breasts and play with her nipples? Thought you would. Be sure to check out Amy’s gallery and if you want to see more of Amy and other sexy models in nylons and high heels, head over to Only Tease today!


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Abigail B Secretary Pantyhose

Thanks for stopping in to the blog once again today and I hope you’re ready for some killer pics of the lovely Abigail B from ONLY TEASE. We love this gal and these pictures definitely caught our attention when we saw it pop up in the update feed at the site. Abigail is playing the role of hot secretary in these free images with an outfit that includes a short miniskirt with high heels and sheer pantyhose.

The shot of her with her back to the camera and showing off that ass by lifting up her skirt is just plain awesome. Abigail removed her blouse and reveals a cute blue and white bra. That gets removed as well but this cutie has decided to tease us with a handbra pose. Want to see those tits completely bared? You’re just going to have to drop by Only Tease to see that. Enjoy!


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