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Amber Leigh in her schoolgirl uniform and pantyhose

Since all you folks are such big fans of beautiful models in schoolgirl uniforms, we thought we would share a free gallery from ONLY OPAQUES that features just that. This model’s name is Amber Leigh and this blonde looks smoking hot in her short blue plaid skirt with matching opaque pantyhose and a pair of high heels. Those long, sexy legs of hers are on display when she hops up on the desk and stretches them out. If that’s the principal’s office, we’re sure he’d find himself in hot water because there would be no way he could keep his hands off those nylon-clad legs.

Amber gets on her hands and knees, allowing the skirt to raise around her waist and exposing that sexy ass of hers. Boy, she does look like she’s been quite naughty and could use a spanking or two, doesn’t she? Her uniform eventually ends up on the floor and believe us, those tits are also a thing of beauty. When we saw them exposed, all we could think about is what they would feel like in our hands as we groped and fondled this cutie. More schoolgirl uniform pictures and videos are waiting for you over at Only Opaques. Go and check them out today!


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Schoolgirl uniform pics of Jo S in her sheer black stockings and high heels

Remember a while back I was talking about creating a top 10 list of my favourite models from Only Tease? I never got around to it but I’m definitely thinking it’s going to happen in the near future and expect to see this sexy babe included. Jo S is looking stunning in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE in which she’s once again slipped into a sexy schoolgirl uniform for our viewing pleasure. Her legs look amazing encased in her sheer black stockings and she highlights the outfit with her high heels. This cutie gets naked for the camera, first showing off her lovely tits in a bra and that curvy ass of hers in sheer panties.


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Rachael B in her schoolgirl outfit with ankle socks and high heels

What a year its been for the Only Tease Fan blog! I wanted to thank everyone for making this site the success that it is and sticking with us despite the two server crashes over the last few months. We are committed to keeping this blog running strong in 2012 and continue being the best spot on the Internet for you to get your fix of the cuties from Only Tease. To finish off the year, I have this FREE GALLERY of Rachael B from ONLY TEASE posing in a cute schoolgirl outfit with ankle socks. Hard to believe this is the first time this beautiful babe has appeared at the site unless I missed something. In any case, all the best and have a safe and Happy New Year! I’m off for some drinks with friends and family so there may not be any updates tomorrow… lol!


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Chelsea French in a schoolgirl uniform with knee high socks

This is the first time that Chelsea French has been featured at the Only Tease Fan blog but based on these outstanding images, it won’t be the last. Here’s a great FREE GALLERY of this cutie from ONLY TEASE posing as an adorable schoolgirl in her uniform with knee high socks. Her pleated school girl skirt is rather short, giving us a rather liberal view of her shapely legs. Midway through the photoshoot she bends over slightly at the waist and pulls her skirt up, exposing that sexy ass in her white panties. The striptease continues until she’s posing topless, showing off that incredible body of hers.


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Cute schoolgirl Jessica Kingham from Only Tease

We know how much you all love seeing the cute models from Only Tease posing in their schoolgirl uniforms so we thought we’d share another killer free gallery in this particular niche. The featured model is Jessica Kingham and she slips into the role of cute schoolgirl almost flawlessly. Her short plaid skirt, knee high socks and black high heels are quite tempting but that adorable smile she flashes at the camera throughout the photoshoot seems to be just a tad more alluring than the outfit she’s wearing.


Jessica knows what you came for and hops up on the desk, showing off her ass and the white panties she is wearing while posing on her hands and knees. She starts to shed her uniform, tossing the miniskirt aside and slowly unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a great set of tits. If you’re into schoolgirl uniforms, you have to check out all the amazing videos and images available over at Only Tease. They have an amazing selection of models posing in their school outfits and regularly feature new content every month. You will not be disappointed! Go check it out for yourself by clicking the link below!


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Naughty schoolgirls Natalia and Alana

Here’s another amazing FREE GALLERY from the fine folks over at ONLY TEASE of two of their hot and sexy models posing in their schoolgirl uniforms. Natalia and Alana are looking adorable as they sit on the bed while wearing their shorts skirts, ankle socks and high heels. The two look all sweet and innocent, that is until they begin caressing each other and help remove their school outfits. Before you know it these two are topless and rubbing their perky tits together. Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall if these two actually got together for some hot lesbian sex in these cute little outfits?


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Georgina D as a cute schoolgirl in pantyhose

Schoolgirl pantyhose pictures are something you’re going to find in abundance at Only Tease. Check out this FREE GALLERY of Georgina D from ONLY TEASE in which she’s pulled on a pair of black pantyhose with her short plaid school skirt and high heels. This model has killer legs, especially when they’re encase in nylons as they are in these pictures. This naughty schoolgirl ends up taking up a number of sexy poses to tease us with her amazing legs before removing her blouse and showing those killer tits in a tight fitting black bra.Georgina D as a cute schoolgirl in pantyhose


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Adorable schoolgirl Michelle Burns shows us her white panties

Calling all fellow Michelle Burns fans out there! I have yet another FREE GALLERY of this beautiful model from ONLY TEASE to share with you today. She is looking as cute as ever as she takes on the role of cute schoolgirl in her uniform with ankle socks. Her school outfit consists of a red sweater over her white blouse and a short pleated miniskirt that shows off a lot, and I mean a lot, of those killer legs. When she turns her back to the camera you can check out that cute ass in her white panties. Michelle gets naked to show us those perky tits and puffy nipples… wouldn’t you love to suck on those?


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