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Adorable schoolgirl Emily J in her uniform and white pantyhose

We have another adorable girl posing for schoolgirl pantyhose pictures to share with all your folks today. This time around the images were scooped from one of OT’s sister sites, ONLY OPAQUES. This particular site specializes in the same kind of content as you’ll find at Only Tease except that all their models are wearing opaque pantyhose and stockings with their sexy outfits, uniforms and lingerie.

Emily J is posing on the stairs wearing her school outfit that consists of a very short plaid miniskirt with red heels and white opaque pantyhose. With her skirt being so small, you’re pretty much guaranteed some amazing upskirt shots and if you look closely enough, you’ll notice blue panties under her tights. Emily loves showing off her body to her fans, quickly removing her clothes and going topless for us. Hope you enjoyed the gallery and if you’d like to see more beautiful girls in their uniforms with pantyhose and stockings, check out the amazing archive over at Only Opaques today!


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Curvy babe Kat Dee in a miniskirt, heels and stockings

If you’re a fan of your girls a little on the curvy side, you’re going to love Kat Dee from Only Tease. This gal has curves in all the right places as you can see for yourself in this free gallery from the website. She is posing in a very tight miniskirt that shows off her ass very well with the added bonus being the fact that it is very short and gives us an amazing view of her legs encased in sheer black stockings. Her black high heels compliment the outfit quite nicely.

You’re in for a surprise when Kat finally removes her skirt, showing off her amazing frame in a skin tight leotard. Only Tease does a great job of featuring their models in this very alluring item of clothing. Her striptease continues until she’s in nothing but her silk panties and sheer nylons. The last image of the gallery with her panties around her legs while sitting on the couch should drive you a little insane… lol. Enjoy the free pics of Kat Dee and be sure to head over to Only Tease to see more of her amazing updates!


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Blonde babe Sara in a minidress with patterned pantyhose

Sara makes her debut at the OnlyTeaseFan blog in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE. This blonde is showing off her amazing legs while posing in a black minidress with high heels and patterned pantyhose. The nylons she’s wearing really draw the eyes to her legs, which are pretty stunning don’t you think? Sara turns her back to the camera and does the old “touch your toes” pose, giving us an amazing view of her legs and ass in pantyhose and panties. The minidress gets pulled down and you get a good look at her exposed titties!


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Coral May posing as a cute schoolgirl in her uniform

Boy… do we every have a cutie to share with you today! Check out this free gallery of the lovely Coral May posing for us in a very hot schoolgirl uniform. This beautiful babe from Only Tease is wearing a very short and tight miniskirt with her white blouse and necktie. The high heels and ankle socks make this cute leg model look very sexy, don’t you think? Coral seems to be very eager to please and takes up a variety of poses to show off that killer teen body of hers.

If you’re into upskirt pics, check out the ones of Coral sitting down on the coach and spreading her legs, revealing the white cotton panties she is wearing. You’ll also get to see the incredible tits of this busty teen gal when she unbuttons her blouse and lets them fall out. Coral is one of the few models at Only Tease who’s not afraid to get completely naked. That final picture of her in her birthday suit, socks and high heels is worth the price of admission alone! Enjoy the free gallery and remember there’s tons more where that came from. Head on over to Only Tease for instant access to their incredible archive of images and videos!


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Claire Louise in her stockings and silk lingerie

Claire Louise is featured in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE and looking very hot and sexy in the process. She’s posing on the bed in her blue silk lingerie with a pair of open toe shoes and sheer stockings on her shapely legs. Claire lies down on the bed and lifts her legs in the air, giving you a very nice view of her ass in panties as well as her sexy nylon clad legs. This adorable leg babe pulls the straps of her lingerie off her shoulder and allows the garment to drop to the floor, giving you a very nice view of her curvy body and those perky tits of hers.


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Tammy Taylor in a minidress, high heels and stockings

Welcome back to Only Tease Fan, the premiere spot to get free galleries of all your favorite leg babes from arguably one of the best sites on the Internet. Today’s update features the gorgeous Tammy Taylor from the site and she is showing off not only her killer legs but her natural curves as well. Check her out in this skin tight minidress with high heels and sheer stockings.

We go through the usual poses with Tammy before she sits on the bed and crosses her legs at the knees, allowing her dress to hike up slightly in the process. This reveals her garter and the top of her tan stockings. Emboldened by this little flash of leg, she continues to tease first exposing her ass before pulling off her dress altogether and posing topless in her high heels, panties and nylons. Like what you see? Head on over to Only Tease to see more pics and videos of this stunning model and hundreds of her girlfriends!


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Leg model Bryoni-Kate in her hot mini with sheer pantyhose

Bryoni-Kate is a fan favourite here at the Only Tease Fan blog and I remember quite well the first time she was featured at the site in one of their regularly scheduled updates. I just knew she was going to be a good one! Here’s a FREE GALLERY of this hot leg babe from ONLY TEASE for you to check out today. She’s wearing a rather revealing minidress with her sheer pantyhose and a pair of high heels. The dress is rather form fitting and shows off then stellar body of hers. Bryoni-Kate lies down on the couch and extends her legs high in the air, giving you quite the view. Enjoy these free pictures and be sure to head over to Only Tease to see more amazing pictures and videos of the beautiful young lady!


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Chelsea French in a schoolgirl uniform with knee high socks

This is the first time that Chelsea French has been featured at the Only Tease Fan blog but based on these outstanding images, it won’t be the last. Here’s a great FREE GALLERY of this cutie from ONLY TEASE posing as an adorable schoolgirl in her uniform with knee high socks. Her pleated school girl skirt is rather short, giving us a rather liberal view of her shapely legs. Midway through the photoshoot she bends over slightly at the waist and pulls her skirt up, exposing that sexy ass in her white panties. The striptease continues until she’s posing topless, showing off that incredible body of hers.


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