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Leg tease model Becky R in her bra, panties and opaque pantyhose

Here’s a free gallery from ONLY OPAQUES featuring a blonde leg tease model that we think is damn near close to a perfect 10. Admire her pictures and judge for yourself. Becky R is wearing a pink wraparound skirt with a tight black top that clings to those gorgeous boobs of hers. If her curves don’t catch your attention, her legs most certainly will. They are gorgeous and look so damn hot and sexy in those black opaque stockings and a pair of shiny black high heels.

Becky’s body has lots of tools in its arsenal besides those nylon-clad legs and beautiful breasts of hers. She gladly shows off her curvy ass cheeks in sheer black panties when she slides off her miniskirt. The top also gets removed and you have a rather alluring view of her cleavage before she goes topless. Quite the view, don’t you think? Enjoy these free images from Only Opaques and you can get instant access to some amazing stocking and pantyhose pics and videos by heading over to the site today!


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Blonde schoolgirl Becky R in her schoolgirl uniform and sheer black pantyhose

I am so glad I am not a teacher at whatever school Becky is heading to. As you can tell in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE, this naughty schoolgirl is smoking hot as she poses for the camera in her gray school girl skirt with high heels and sheer black pantyhose. This adorable blonde begins stripping for the camera to expose her pert little breasts and those rock hard nipples. If she were my student I think I’d have to resign because I severely doubt I would be able to keep my hands off this cute schoolgirl!


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Blonde babe Becky R in a ballerina uniform and pantyhose

Becky R makes her debut here at the Only Tease Fan blog. This blonde babe is looking very sexy as she poses in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE as a cute ballerina. Her amazing body is covered in a pink leotard and she’s encased her hot, sexy legs in a pair of sheer white stockings. She peels off her uniform to expose those amazing tits as well as her killer ass in tight white panties.


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Miniskirt and thong panty pics of Becky R from Only Tease

Wow – Becky R looks so hot in her black top and tiny mini skirt. Those polka dots really seem to suit her. This tall and leggy blonde is enjoying herself, showing off how lovely her legs look by revealing her thighs and we catch a few peeps of her white panties underneath as well. She pulls up her skirt to reveal most and then slips it down. She looks so hot bending over so we can see her white thing and beautiful bum cheeks. Then she takes off that black top too to reveal her white bra. Slipping down the straps, she gives us a cheeky look, posing in just her white underwear. Lastly she has nothing on at all, still looking a bit coy, hiding her nipples; we can see how truly lovely her ass is. There are more hot photos of Becky R in her FREE GALLERY on the ONLY TEASE website.


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