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Layla P in tights, pantyhose and high heels

Thanks for dropping by today and for your viewing pleasure today we present a very hot hose under trousers gallery from the fine folks over at Only Tease. Layla P is quite the curvacious babe as you can see for yourself in these images from the site. She is wearing a very sexy clubbing top that shows a bit of skin on the sides and back as well as her amazing cleavage. Her skin tight leggings should also tempt you quite nicely as they highlight her ass very well.

If you take a look at her feet and high heels, you’ll notice a hint of nylons underneath. As Layla strips for the camera, you’ll get a much better view of what she is wearing underneath those tight leggings she was wearing. The shiny white pantyhose will thrill all you hose lovers out there and the matching bra and panty set she has on isn’t too shabby either. Layla likes to tease and instead of posing topless, she removes her bra and hides those nice, big tits of hers with her arms and hands. What a tease, eh?


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Hose under trouser pictures of the curvy Carole

I know a lot of you are big fans of hose under trouser pics based on some of the search terms people are using to find the site. Carole is posing for some HUT pics in this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE for all you fans of this particular fetish. This curvy model is looking amazing as she poses for us in her tight fitting jeans and ankle boots. You get your first glimpse of that sheer pantyhose she’s wearing underneath when she removes her footwear and flashes her sexy nylon clad feet at the camera. Carole continues removing clothing until she’s posing topless in her panties for our viewing pleasure.


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Jessica Spencer in her blue jeans and sheer black pantyhose

I’m back with a FREE GALLERY of Jessica Spencer from ONLY TEASE for you to check out today. Jessica is posing in some rather sexy hose under trouser pictures today wearing a pair of tight fitting blue jeans over her sheer black pantyhose. This sexy model is also wearing a pair of high heels and clubbing top that is very hot and revealing! Jessica begins to peel those denim jeans off her hips and amazing ass to expose her body in her black nylons. I love the shot where she presents her ass to the camera so we can see it covered in pantyhose as well as the hot black thong panties she’s wearing. Wouldn’t you just love being the lucky prick that helps her out of those?


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Daniella poses for hose under trouser pictures

We have another amazing hose under trouser gallery to share with you today here at Only Tease Fan. This time around our themed FREE GALLERY features leg cutie Daniella from ONLY TEASE posing in a red top and tight black pants over her sheer pantyhose. Her black high heels hide her nylon-clad feet but you do see the material around the top of her foot and ankles, teasing us to death! Daniella turns her back to the camera and tugs at the waistband of her pants, eventually giving us a glimpse of her firm bottom and tiny panties pulled up between her ass cheeks. This adorable babe also pulls down the front of her top to show us her cleavage encased in a matching red bra before removing both and posing topless, her amazing tits on display for all to see. We love the last picture where she is posing in nothing her nylons and panties, her feet looking very sexy in those pantyhose. Fans of pantyhose and stockings under trousers will love the content over at Only Tease. It is simply one of the best sites around to get your fill of this rather unique fetish. Enjoy!


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Hose under trouser pics of the sexy Amy Green

The lovely Amy Green is our featured babe her at OTF today. This sexy blonde is featured in this FREE GALLERY and posing in the bedroom wearing a pink strapless top and a pair of black tights over her pink pantyhose. Her black high heels help co-ordinate the outfit. We’re huge fans of the hose under trouser thing and we haven’t found a site that does it better than ONLY TEASE. Here’s a prime example of it. Amy teases us perfectly as she sits on the bed and gives us a view of those nylons and eventually her pantyhose-clad feet when she slips them out of her high heels. This naughty blonde cutie slowly slides down her tights to further tease us with that amazing ass of hers in panties and pantyhose. You’ll also get to check out those amazing tits of hers when she pulls down her blouse for the camera to catch some amazing pics. Wouldn’t you just love to caress her ample breasts and play with her nipples? Thought you would. Be sure to check out Amy’s gallery and if you want to see more of Amy and other sexy models in nylons and high heels, head over to Only Tease today!


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Free pantyhose pics of Only Tease Robyn H

We think that you will really love these great pictures of Robyn H taken from her FREE GALLERY at ONLY TEASE. She looks bright and bubbly with her long brown hair. Those denim leggings make her legs look really hot too. As she sits back on the sofa we can see the shape of her rounded breasts in her tight top and then we get a lovely surprise as she slips them down to show off her black opaque tights. Through them we can see her lacy black panties and she is soon lifting her top to show is that she is wearing a matching bra too. Wow – check out that cleavage! We can imagine how good she must look without it on and she does not disappoint us as she removed it to reveal her perfect breasts. She almost looks too hot with those black pantyhose on still, making her legs look so beautiful!


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Hose under trouser pictures of the beautiful Chloe Louise from Only Tease

For all our regular visitors who get a big kick out of the hose under trousers updates that we bring all of you, feast your eyes on this FREE GALLERY from ONLY TEASE featuring a skinny babe by the name of Chloe Lousie. This hot British leg babe is looking smoking hot as she poses in the bedroom with a long flowing shirt with skin tight black pants and platform high heels. You get a glimpse of the sheer black pantyhose she’s wearing when she sits on the side of the bed and crosses her legs at the knees. The waist band of her nylons also makes an appearance as does her thong panties when Chloe Lousie starts tugging down her pants. Before you know it, this sexy model is posing topless with her pantyhose and thong panties pulled down past those cute ass cheeks of hers. Loving this girl so far and looking forward to seeing more of her in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates from this hottie!


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Elle Richie posing for some amazing hose under trouser pics

“Oh my lord” was about all I could muster up when I first saw these hose under trouser pictures of the beautiful Elle Richie from ONLY TEASE. She looks absolutely amazing in this FREE GALLERY from the website as she poses in the living room wearing her red t-shirt and a tight pair of blue jeans. Not a big fan of her shoe selection truth be told but I guess it helps sell this everyday, ordinary outfit. She can be forgiven for not slipping her feet into a pair of high heels or knee high boots though once she lifts up her shirt to show the waistband of her nylons. The level of forgiveness increases even more when Elle removes her boots and holds her pantyhose-clad feet in her hands. I believe one of the reasons people love hut pics so much, especially when it come to Only Tease, is the fact that you soon get to see their models strip out of the clothing and pose in nothing but their pantyhose. That’s just what Elle does for us, getting topless and reclining on the couch with her legs slightly spread. Let the imagination run wild boys and girls! Thanks as always for making Only Tease Fan and hope you enjoyed these free pantyhose pics… and yes, I mean you Steve! Lol!


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